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The KM Artisan Collection - Ultimate 12 includes all 12 of our standard sauces. These are the sauces that made us famous plus more.

This pack includes the following:

More Cowbell Reaper Hot Sauce

Deathstalker Scorpion Hot Sauce

Holy Ghost Pepper, Bateman Hot Sauce

Pr. Depper Hot Sauce

Real Deadly Root Beer Hot Sauce

Spicy Dill Pickle Hot Sauce

Sweet Honey Cherry Hottie Sauce

Signature Hot Sauce

Friendly Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Magical UnicornRadish Hot Sauce

Sweet Honey Fireberry Hottie Sauce

The Canadian Lumberjack Maple Apple Butter


Every Chilli-Heads dream would come true in this pack of 12, heck even if your not a chilli-head you need this pack for every house and there is no better time to order. 

The KM Artisan Collection - Ultimate 12

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