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Sweet Honey FireBerry Hottie Sauce Label

Product Description

One day Ken and his daughter were shopping for hot sauce and one lady mentioned someone put their favourite hot sauce on ice cream. I pictured the old lady in the commercial back in the day (you know the lady right?) and laughed!


Then I had a moment. The lights dimmed, an audience appeared out of nowhere and I stood as if I’m about to deliver a monologue and said (it really was only just my daughter near the entrance of the mall) “We need to make a hot sauce for ice cream!

It was so much fun creating this sauce! 


We hope you have as much fun experimenting on the first hot sauce I’ve ever seen that actually makes your supper AND your dessert taste better!!

Potential Product Uses


Ice Cream Topping



French Toast


Salad Dressing (Mixed with some vinegar)



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