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Irresistible Easter Wabbit Bait Carrot S

Product Description

When we think of catching Wabbit, we think of two people. Firstly, Poor Elmer Fudd. He just could not get the job done. He could never ever get his wabbit. He tried all sorts of tricks and attacks and he couldn't do it.  Secondly, we think of those that had to catch wabbit for supper and had to use many hunting techniques. 


If only they had this delicious sauce, this Irresistible Easter Rabbit Bait - Carrot Hot Sauce. They would have caught a lot of wabbit. It really is ierresistable! It is packed full of flavours just like other KM Artisan Products. This savoury sauce is perfect for Easter and really all year long. 

Potential Product Uses


Mashed Potatoes

Turkey Dinner

Turkey Sandwiches

Ham Sandwiches




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